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Golf Course (62 photos)
Golf Course Preview Image Enjoy these beautiful pictures of the golf course.
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Wildlife in Westwood Shores (14 photos)
Wildlife in Westwood Shores Preview Image Beautiful shots from our property owners
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Sunrise and Sunset (9 photos)
Sunrise and Sunset Preview Image Take a look at these breathtaking views!
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Interior Lakes (29 photos)
Interior Lakes Preview Image There are 9 Interior Lakes in Westwood Shores: Spring Lake at the front entrance on the right side, Sunset Lake at the front entrance on the left side (#11 on the golf course), Westwood Lake, West Lake, Fairway Lake (between # 10 and # 18 on the golf course), Horseshoe Lake, Sand Lake and 2 un-named lakes.
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Community Events (12 photos)
Community Events Preview Image Westwood Shores enjoys many community events: New Years Party, 4th of July BBQ and Fireworks display, Halloween and Christmas just to name a few!!
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